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Commercial Exterior Lighting

Commercial exterior lighting solutions bring your commercial properties to life at night for added beauty and security.

We specialize in creating custom commercial exterior lighting solutions to beautifully light the architectural features of your office, restaurant, hotel, condo or other commercial property. Professionally installed and maintained outdoor lighting increases the safety and value of your property, while being energy efficient, economical, and improving nighttime visibility.

Commercial exterior lighting services include:

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor/Building Lighting
  • Decks & Patios
  • Gardens & Landscapes
Archietctural Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes in FL
  • Paths & Driveways
  • Pools, Ponds & Water Features
  • Fast Service & Repairs
  • DIY Installation Training & Service
  • Free Demonstrations

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Restaurant Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for a way to create a unique experience for your customers – one that begins at sunset and continues to sell all during the night?

Are you looking for a way to create a unique dining experience for your customers – one that begins at sunset and sets the tone for late night dining al fresco? Professional restaurant landscape lighting uses low voltage lights to create a subtle, yet functional experience for your guests.

Getting started with restaurant landscape lighting:

  • Schedule your free onsite consultation and estimate
  • Receive a free demonstration of a landscape lighting solution at your restaurant
  • Schedule installation of your permanent lighting system
Landscape Lighting for Restaurants in FL
  • Free adjustment of brightness and positioning of lights to your satisfaction
  • One-year guarantee on bulbs
  • You LOVE it, or we remove it. That simple!

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Hotel Landscape Lighting


Professional hotel landscape lighting improves security and makes your hotel even more inviting for guests.

Investing in hotel landscape lighting will improve the safety and security of your hotel, increase value, illuminate the property’s best features, and make it more inviting for guests. Selecting the right outdoor and landscape lighting is key to setting the mood, providing adequate illumination, and even saving money on your electric bill. Our goal is to make the first impression of your hotel so fantastic that your guests will want to take pictures of it to send home to their friends.

Landscape Lighting for Hotels in FL

Why hotel landscape lighting:

  • Improves safety and security
  • Highlights the buildings architecture and best landscaping features
  • Warm, welcoming experience for guests
  • Illuminate walkways, entrances, signage and seating areas to help guests navigate the entire property
  • Attract more guests and increase property value

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Landscape Lighting For Offices


Landscape lighting for offices makes buildings more attractive at night, making them more memorable by day.

If you’re in the business of leasing office space, you know that the outside of your office building is the first impression for prospective tenants. Smart tenants will drive by office buildings at night as well to check out the curb appeal and see if the property is well-lit and secure. Landscape lighting for offices can drastically improve the nighttime curb appeal of your building, making it more attractive at night, and therefore more memorable by day to prospective tenants.

Landscape Lighting for Restaurants in FL

Benefits of low voltage landscape lighting for offices:

  • Attracts more occupants to an office building that has a “nighttime personality”
  • Retains more occupants where employees feel safe working after hours
  • Provides employee and visitor safety by illuminating the property (building, landscaping, entry, walkways, parking lot)
  • Is a cost effective investment as low voltage outdoor lighting costs 1/25 as much as 120 volt lighting systems

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Condo & Apartment Landscape Lighting


Condo and apartment lighting helps associations looking to improve their safety ratings, aesthetics, and tenant satisfaction.

In apartment and condominium complexes, landscape lighting provides two main functions: aesthetics and security. Tenants should feel safe in their unit and moving about the common areas of the property at night, and the architectural elements and landscaping features should be showcased so that tenants can enjoy the property’s amenities at night. Low voltage landscape lighting will add beauty to your rental property, increase the value of your investment and provide a greater degree of safety for your tenants.

Landscape Lighting for Condo Associations in FL

Ideas for apartment and condo landscape lighting:

  • Building lighting
  • Path/walkway lighting
  • Pillar/post lights outside units
  • Spot/flood lights on trees and key features
  • Flower bed and shrub lights
  • Pool landscape lighting
  • Water feature landscape lighting (ponds, streams, fountains, water walls, etc.)
  • Office/entry landscape lighting
  • Driveway/parking area landscape lighting
  • Dock/waterfront lighting for communities on the water

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